Upgrading Barcode Reader Firmware Using CortexTools

To upgrade the firmware of a Code barcode reader using CortexTools:

  1. Go to ww2.codecorp.com/downloads.php
  2. Select your product and locate the Firmware section.
  3. Review the End User License Agreement.
  4. Agreeing to the End User License Agreement will change the download link to red indicating that the Firmware file is accessible.
  5. To initiate the download click on the download link.
  6. Save the firmware file to your desktop. Files within the zip file should not be renamed. Save as is.
  7. Open CortexTools.
  8. Connect your barcode reader to your PC via USB or RS232 cable for tethered barcode readers or CodeXML modem (external or charging stations with embedded modem) for wireless barcode readers. For RS232 readers, you need to select the COM port to which the reader is connected.
  9. Once a connection has been established, your reader name and serial number will appear in the CortexTools drop-down list.
  10. Select the "Open File" button and locate the firmware file saved to your desktop.
  11. Press the "Download File" button to begin the file transfer to the reader.
  12. When the transfer is complete, the status bar will show 'Installing File'.
  13. Once the file has been successfully installed, the reader will automatically reboot.
  14. After the reboot the File Download tab in CortexTools will show updated reader information which will include the firmware version that was just installed.