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Code maintains a library of JavaScript examples for your use. JavaScript is used to manipulate data, create custom screens, control Objects, and control the firmware settings (physical attributes) of Code  barcode readers. By downloading a JavaScript to the simulator, these examples can be copied or used as a reference for building a custom JavaScript application. Some of the examples are fully contained and can be used in Code barcode readers 'as is' while others are 'snippets' showing how to use the JavaScript Objects and Methods created by Code to control the reader.

Should you need JavaScript Programming assistance, learn more about Code's Certified JavaScript Developers.

While the development tools and example JavaScripts are distributed free of charge, all Code readers must have an Embedded JavaScript Rule Runner license key (XML-ER1) loaded before any of these examples or any other custom JavaScript can be loaded onto a reader. Please contact your local distributor or Code to purchase this license key.

To initiate the download of a JavaScript (.js) file, click on the desired file name corresponding with the JavaScript Description.

JavaScript Example Description
File Name

Process steps for setting up an inventory list; from a simple "Hello World" display to a completed application.


Overload the onDecode function and modify decode data three different ways.


Parse decode data, check for correct format, and display a count of recognized barcodes captured.


Write settings in JavaScript and reconnect reader after changing communication settings in JavaScript.


Build a form and display it in CodeViewer.


Similar to J011_buildForm.js; uses a button for functionality.


Place a softkey on the CodeViewer Ready screen to run an application.


Use menus and forms to capture and send three different sizes of pictures; display instructions for each type of picture to be taken.


Overload store.processData() to add <CR><LF> suffix.


Overload onDecode function to add <Enter> suffix.


Overload onDecode; use regular expression to modify data based on symbology.


Overload onCommand function, search for all .dat files, delete .dat files after successful upload.


Similar to J014_PictureApp.js; includes reader.onIdle line to beep reader when ‘X' command completes.


Use JavaScript Date object to add date suffix to data.


Work around for executing a command within a command.


Code grants free license to any user of the JavaScript files offered on this web page. Click here to read Code's notice regarding copyright and grant of license.