Code Reader™ 8200 Scan Engine
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Code Reader™ 8200 Scan Engine

Miniature in Size, Giant in Capabilities

The CR8200 is the next generation of Code’s patented, high performance, miniature barcode imaging engine. Innovative in its design, size and decode capability, the CR8200 delivers best-in-class high performance 2D imaging that can be added to the smallest of devices. With rapid, first-pass read rates the CR8200 effortlessly decodes 1D, 2D, postal and direct part mark barcodes printed on a variety of surfaces in a variety of conditions.

For integration versatility, choose the compact form factor that works best for your product design - imager with integrated decode board, or imager with software decoder that can be integrated into your existing processing platform.

Features & Benefits:

Applications: Medical Devices, ATMs, Price-Lookup, Lottery, Age Verification, Direct Part Marking, Handheld Devices, Mobile Computers, and more

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