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CortexDecoder For Epic Rover

Mobile Soft Scanning is Now Available in Epic Rover!

Say hello to CortexDecoder for Epic Rover.

CortexDecoder for Epic Rover now gives Rover users the long-awaited feature of reading barcodes using only the camera of their Apple iOS devices, eliminating the need for additional dedicated barcode scanning hardware. Experience the same decoding power found in Code’s handheld barcode readers with CortexDecoder.

Epic is among the first of the major HIS vendors to offer software-driven decoding. After previously releasing a limited function decoder option a few years ago, Epic learned that mission-critical healthcare environments need the best decoding software on the market. Code, and its powerful decoding software technology from TachyonIQ, is excited to be the only provider for this soft-scan feature within Rover (CortexDecoder for Epic Rover) supporting healthcare professionals worldwide. Ready to go straight to the Delivery Portal? Just click on the button below to register and have a sales manager contact you.

- Zero-miss decoding of over 40 different barcode symbologies even in low-light.

- Damaged, curved, or reflective barcodes–no problem with this powerful decoding technology!

- Users must have Rover 6.0 or higher and Epic Server 2017 or higher or may sandbox test in Revor

- Soft-scanning with Epic Rover is currently only available for use with Apple iOS devices.

Ready to unlock the soft scanning feature for Rover on your iOS devices? All you need is a license key for your hospital. Simply click the link below to fill out our contact form and a Code Regional Sales Manager will contact you to walk you through the registration process.

Have other additional questions, like pricing? We can answer those too by filling out the contact form below. Ready to just head to the delivery portal click below.

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