Code Reader™ 4300N
Mobility Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 4300N

A Case Designed to Last. 

The CR4300N combines ruggedness and extended power capabilities in a compact design that is perfectly suited for the mobile clinician. Built with industry-leading CodeShield® Disinfectant-Ready plastics, the CR4300N was designed to outperform and outlast consumer grade cases by standing up to the harshest of chemical agents and surviving multiple drops. 

The 3000 mAh battery backup keeps your workforce running continuously. Each battery has a built-in battery gauge that informs users of battery status, simplifying workflows and keeping users in control. Code’s A160  quad-bay enterprise charger can simultaneously charge 4 sleds, and the iOS devices they protect, in under 5 hours. Simply drop a depleted sled into the charger and grab a fully charged device to keep your business moving.

If barcode scanning becomes part of the workflow, zero-miss CortexDecoder® decoding software can be easily combined with the iPhone or iPod camera to create a powerful barcode reader. 

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps mobile devices running with 3000 mAh battery backup
  • Informs users of battery status with built-in gauge
  • Protects iPhone 6/6s and iPod 6th generation with durable, disinfectant-ready case
  • Charges quickly via USB or with drop-in multi-bay charger
  • iPhone/iPod accessibility 
Applications: Bedside medication administration, mobile phlebotomy, hospitality and cleaning services, point-of-sale, event management, home health, positive patient identification, patient-to-device association, inventory, line busting, field services

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