Code Reader™ 1500
Handheld Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 1500

The Code Reader™ 1500 (CR1500) is a compact, rugged, tethered barcode reader that features a high-performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes reading 1D, 2D and postal barcodes extremely fast, reliable, and more affordable than ever.

From healthcare to retail to other high-use environments, theCodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready housing is PVC-free and IP54 rated, protecting the performance of the CR1500 against harsh chemical cleaning agents, dust, and water ingress–even multiple drops.

The CR1500 scans all standard codes out of the box, plus optional parsing and validation make integration into any system painless. Plus, with Code's industry unique Javascript programming, it is possible to meet even your most advanced data editing requirements. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, the CR1500 is one of the smallest barcode readers on the market.

CR1500 Features and Benefits:

·  High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and postal barcodes

·  Dual-field optics read both high density and wide field barcodes with a single device

·  PVC-Free CodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready plastics stand up to more disinfectants

·  Glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on transparent and shiny surfaces

·  Effortlessly reads barcode reliably off mobile device screens

·  3 programmable feedback settings: vibration mode, LED and audible tone

·  Fully user-customizable feedback settings: highly visible, audible and haptic

·  Easily customizable using Code’s CortexTools2® software configuration utility

·  Data editing and parsing with JavaScript

·   Available in light or dark gray

·  Code Complete extended warranty service plans

Applications: Healthcare, Mobile coupon or ticketing (event, airline, cinema, etc), Pharmacy, Patrol Vehicles, Retail, and Manufacturing.

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