Code Reader™ 1500 IND
Industrial Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 1500 IND

The Code Reader™ 1500 Industrial (CR1500-IND) is a compact, rugged, tethered barcode reader that features a high-performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes data collection in the most difficult industrial environments a breeze. Manufacturing, logistics, quality control, supply chain management, tracking/tracing, and many more.

Code’s years of experience in image processing, decoding, and optical design make the CR1500-IND model the perfect barcode scanner to overcome and exceed the real challenges that are present like reading poor quality codes printed on varied surfaces, laser etched direct part marks (DPM)* during manufacturing processes, or barcodes as small as 2 mil — there is a model of the CR1500 up to your task. No matter your system requirements, Code's unique JavaScript platform provides unlimited customization options to meet your application needs. Powered by a proprietary microprocessor specifically designed for super fast image processing and a best-in-class decoder, the CR1500 is the compact yet durable high-performance 2D barcode reader of choice for all your challenging data collection applications.

CR1500-IND Features and Benefits:
  • Patented dual-field optics scan more types of barcodes than any other reader
  • State of the art zero-miss decoding algorithm deciphers the most difficult barcodes
  • Optional models optimized to read laser etched DPM* or high-density codes
  • IP54 rated to seal out dust and moisture
  • Visual, audible, and haptic indicators customizable for workflow needs
  • Powerful JavaScript platform for complete device control
  • Optional data parsing of driver licenses and ID cards from the US and Canada
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Optional stand and mounts
Applications: Manufacturing, Industrial, Supply Chain, Logistics