Dark Gray (B4) Battery Cartridge

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Dark Gray (B4) Battery Cartridge

The dark gray (B4) battery cartridge is compatible with the CR2300, CR3600 and CR3600 DPM barcode readers.

Code barcode readers feature lithium ion batteries. The batteries are long-life, allowing readers to be used for more than a complete shift at the highest use rate. Code's modular design allows a user to quickly exchange a drained battery with a charged battery without taking a barcode reader out-of-service.

Battery cartridges features and benefits include:

  • 'Quick release' features allows batteries to be changed and still remain in service
  • Battery status LED indicators with fuel gauge to display battery life status
  • High read rate per charged battery
Charging options include:
  • The Charging Station with, or without, an embedded CodeXML® modem charges a B4 battery cartridge when engaged in a reader.
  • The Quad-Bay B4 Charging Station is designed to charge up to 4 B4 battery cartridges simultaneously.