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Code Development Kits

Code development kits provide all the documentation and tools developers need to develop custom applications for Code hardware and software

JavaScript Application Development Kit

JavaScript is recognized as the leading procedural language for cross-platform development. JavaScript is used to develop interaction with the user, control the logic of input processing, display messages to the user, perform look-up and other validation functions, and control the interaction with a remote host either through cabled or radio frequency (Bluetooth) communications. Applications are developed without the overhead and porting problems inherent with Windows Pocket PC and CE.NET

The JavaScript development environment includes a Windows PC Based simulator for development and testing of applications. A unique feature of the Code development environment is Applications Developers may control the distribution of their applications by using a developers key which will be required to run the application on a given reader, controlled by serial number.

The Javascript Application Development Kit is a free download. To enable applications, you must purchase runtime keys from Code. Please contact Code Technical Support for more information.

C++ Development Kit

The C++ Development Kit is utilized by experienced developers who wish to develop more advanced configurations and applications for Code readers. The full installation contains all of the sample scripts and documentation for development using C++.